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‘Hope He Changes His Underwear’ Top Gear Viewers Diss Chris Evans For Wearing Same Clothes

‘Hope he changes his underwear’ Top Gear viewers diss Chris Evans for wearing same clothes


It was the last chance for redemption, the series finale and episode six of BBC2’s Top Gear.

But unfortunately as soon as the show began, the only thought on viewers’ minds was why on earth Chris Evans has been wearing the same outfit all series.

It’s fair to say the ensemble, black boots, denim jeans, yellow T-shirt and blue jumper, has infuriated fans of the car show.


One irate viewer wrote on Twitter: “I guess top gear blew the budget getting Matt and couldn’t afford different clothes for Chris, #SameasLastWeekAndTheWeekBefore.”Another added: “Oh once again Chris Evans is wearing the same outfit as previous episodes… What a k******d @BBC_TopGear #TopGear.”

While there was one watcher who was a little more concerned about Chris’s personal hygiene than others, writing: “I hope Chris Evans changes his underwear #TopGear.”

Top-Gear-570528[1]Another watcher on summed up the general Twitter consensus, writing: “Chris really supported you in top gear but please can you dump your outfit. Wanted you to do well but u looked scruffy.”

In the final episode of the series Matt LeBlanc got to try out the new Porsche 911 R while Chris Harris put Honda’s reimagined NSX through its paces.

Meanwhile Chris discovered why the new MGB Roadster is so charming.

Shame the public couldn’t find the charm in his yellow T-shirt too.


3 replies on “‘Hope He Changes His Underwear’ Top Gear Viewers Diss Chris Evans For Wearing Same Clothes”

Neither presenters have a shred of talent. I hope the show gets axed.

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