Horrible Jealous Wife Asks The Internet For Relationship Advice, Twitter Obliges By Tearing Her Apart

Horrible Jealous Wife Asks The Internet For Relationship Advice, Twitter Obliges By Tearing Her Apart

Insecurity and jealousy can make otherwise normal people sometimes do inadvisable, bad things. Like, you might even find yourself tempted to snoop through your partner’s personal belongings, phone, or emails. But hopefully, you never actually go through with it. This woman’s jealousy drove her to do something truly unconscionable, and then she went on Reddit asking for advice.

Twitter user @ajlobster tweeted screengrabs of the woman’s post on Reddit, and wrote, “This might be the most monstrous thing I’ve read on r/relationships and that is saying A LOT.”

So, the woman falls in love with a widower and they get involved. The only hitch, a far as the woman is concerned, is that his first wife died, but the man didn’t completely erase her from his life. There were pictures of her hanging up, and friends and the daughter talked about her fondly quite a bit. This was, understandably, rough for her. But what happens next, as they say, will surprise you.

After moving into a new home, the woman threw away ALL the pictures her then-fiance had of his first wife. She even deleted pictures from his computer. She also donated and/or threw away all of his first wife’s possessions. He didn’t notice for two years, but when the guy’s mother asked for pictures of his daughter for a high school graduation ceremony she was putting together, the jig was up.


So not only are the pictures of the first wife long gone, so are some of her possessions that had a lot of personal value to both the man and his daughter. The poster’s husband is now so angry at her that he can barely look at her. He won’t sleep in the same room with her, and he’s also refusing couples’ counseling. Oh, and did we mention she’s (apparently) 13 weeks pregnant?

This woman posted her story on Reddit looking for help, but has since deleted it. However, once the story was out there, and after it was posted on Twitter, people couldn’t help but agree that what she did was just pretty damn selfish and cruel.



Forget marriage counselling, a therapist for yourself might be a good first step. This isn’t a you and him problem, this is a youproblem. Your jealousy and impulsivity have done your relationship serious harm, so working on that seems like it should be a priority. And whatever you do don’t you dare try and justify this to him in any way. Your best bet is to fall on your sword and admit you fucked up with no qualifications. Start adding little asides like “but I was jealous” or “but” anything, and that may well be the end of everything. This has nothing to do with him and everything to do with you, so own that 100%.

Edit: and whenever you address it with him or his daughter, focus on their feelings and what you basically stole from them. Let them express their unhappiness and anger however they see fit. Yes it’ll be hard, but it’s the only option here. Try and drag any sympathy out of them for your situation / feelings, or try and tell them not to feel however they feel, and you’ll lose whatever molecule of respect or understanding they might have. Playing up your own guilty feelings is not the approach to take here.

Edit 2: Yeah, “I wasn’t going to lie to him” and “I’ve felt guilty ever since” are what rubbed me up the wrong way (aside from, you know, the whole thing). You didn’t feel guilty ever since. If you’d felt guilty even a day afterwards you could have retrieved the items, dug through the garbage, something. You’re only feeling “guilty” now because you’re finally facing consequences for your actions. And don’t try and claim moral high ground with “I wasn’t going to lie to him”. I realise now why the idea of you trying to play for sympathy came to me, because that’s what you’re already doing. Your step daughter is likely going to resent you forever, whatever your husband does, or however you try to fix it. He’s invested enough to maybe try if you’re really lucky, because of marriage and a baby, but your step daughter? Consider yourself lucky if she ever even talks to you again.

–  fightmaxmaster



This is more than a screw up. You knew exactly what you did. You not only threw away photos that can never ever be replaced but you cheated your step daughter out of one of the most important things that girl could have, memories of her mother. I dont care how jealous and insecure you put your own feelings about a dead woman over a man and child you were supposed to love. Id never normally say this but I hope he divorces you. What you did is unforgivable.

–  StormyLlewellyn1

Hopefully he can forgive her, but it’s going to take a lot of work, because WOW.

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