Horrible Mom Vlogger Makes Son ‘Cry’ For Viral Video!

Absolutely detestable.

She has now back tracked and apologized because the video of her ignoring her son’s cries for help went viral:

The YouTube channel of vlogger Jordan Cheyenne now appears to have been deleted, after she came under fire for a clip that shows her using her crying son for a video thumbnail.

Jordan Cheyenne is a vlogger who originally had over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she posted videos about her family life and fitness.

However, she came under fire after she accidentally uploaded an unedited clip in a vlog titled ‘We are heartbroken,’ that showed her and her son crying after a puppy they were planning to adopt contracted an illness.

At the end of the clip, Cheyenne starts instructing her young son on how to pose for the thumbnail, telling him to “act like you’re crying,” to which the boy responds: “I am crying.”

Naturally, the clip quickly went viral on social media, and even though she removed the video quickly, a screen recording was shared on Twitter and currently has over 800,000 views with people slamming the mother and calling her actions “disgusting.”

Jordan returned shortly after with an apology video in which she said, “it was so disgusting of me, I should not have done that at all,” adding “I re-watched it and you guys are completely right.”

She also said that she would not be including her son in future YouTube content, and announced she would “fully taking a step back from social media.”

Today, many noticed that Cheyenne’s channel is no longer accessible. Clicking on any links to the channel results from a message from YouTube saying either “this channel does not exist,” or “this page isn’t available.”

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