Aysha Soper sex prison

A sexy 24-year-old model named Aysha Soper is claiming that guards let her and her boyfriend, Lewis Brown, have “birthday sex” in the shower while they waited outside.

Brown is currently serving two years in prison for driving while disqualified, handling stolen goods, and possessing a prohibited item in prison.

The tryst reportedly took place after he claimed to have a muscle injury and was taken to Broomsfield Hospital in Chelmsford, England. It was there that she says the birthday sex took place.

Aysha Soper claims she and her convict boyfriend has sex in a hospital shower while under guard supervision

Reports The Daily Star

“They took his handcuffs off and let us both into the shower together and we locked the door and two of the screws stood outside,” she told the Sun.

“It felt naughty, knowing he was a prisoner. I wish they’d let him keep his handcuffs on.”

Oh my…

Miss Soper was visiting her boyfriend in hospital

A spokesperson for the hospital claimed ignorance of the whole situation, naturally, “We know nothing about it and are very shocked by the allegations. At all points, when an inmate is in hospital, they are escorted by three prison officers. Inmates are the responsibility of the prison service.”

Hey, it was the guy’s birthday, after all and if you were a prison guard, would you had said no to her if she asked?

Hot 24-Year-Old Model Gave Convict Boyfriend ‘Naughty Birthday Sex As Guards Turned Blind Eye’


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