This is one lucky guy. His wife is really trying to get him in the Christmas spirt. She came up with a genius idea to help him count down the days until he gets to come home and celebrate Christmas with her.

Day 1 starts off with a nice little preview of whats to come. 

After the pic on day 1 he was probably left with a semi chubby. Only 20+ days to go! 

The pics are heating up, but by December 3rd I feel like he is dealing with a small case of blue balls. 

December 5th, Day 5 the clothes start dropping! 

Things are getting pretty festive.  

This is only up to December 9th… What is she going to do on the 10th?! This is way more creative than just getting naked on Skype or FaceTime!

We aren’t 100% sure why he would post this to the internet, sounds like a great way to get cut off on day 9… Our best guess is he made it public to inspire other wives.

Best. Present. Ever.


Hot Wife Sends Marine Husband One Sexy Pic A Day Until He Comes Home For Christmas

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