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The Hottest Ring Girls And Fighters Of UFC

The Hottest Ring Girls And Fighters Of UFC

There is no doubt that UFC is the fastest growing sport in the world. Just take one look at how boxing’s number one draw, Floyd Mayweather, now has to try and fight UFC’s champion Connor McGregor in order to attract a crowd. Our cash is riding on “Money Mayweather” (for what it’s worth) but even if McGregor loses, this is a huge victory for fans of MMA. It shows that their athletes can be just as dangerous in the ring as boxers, who once ran the world in terms of fighting sports.

Another arena in which MMA fighters have the upper hand is the marketability of their sport. Sure, it’s super violent and bloody, but every single successful fighter knows the importance of hyping up their fights. No audience = no paycheck. On top of that, MMA has employed some of the most successful marketing tools known to the fight world: top-class ring girls. We’ve pulled a selection of our favorite women in UFC into thumbnails below. It features familiar faces like Arianny Celeste, Brittany Palmer, and Vanessa Vanson, but also a select number of attractive fighters, a la Paige Vanzant and Ronda Rousey.

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