House Explodes After Fight About Stacking Firewood

House Explodes After Fight About Stacking Firewood


A condemned house exploded after a dispute between neighbors over stacking firewood, and a body was found in the basement, police said Tuesday. The body was seen through a basement window; police hadn’t gone inside yet. Investigators found items on the Salem, New Hampshire, property such as boards with nails poking through them, which appear to be intended to hurt or slow anyone approaching the house, Capt. Joel Dolan said. The Nashua bomb squad was called in to assist. Police have not identified the body but said the homeowner’s vehicle was in the driveway, the AP reports. Dolan said the investigation was in its early stages, but it appears that the explosion was intentional. “I don’t think this was an accident,” he said.

Police responded to the neighborhood Monday night for a dispute between neighbors about stacking firewood. Police said they tried to approach a man near the home but never spoke to him. They heard a hissing sound, followed by a strong odor of gas and backed away. An explosion blew off the roof and broke windows. Neighbors said they heard a popping sound. A SWAT team and other officers were called to the scene. About eight homes were evacuated. No officers or neighbors were hurt. Police said no one was supposed to be living in the home, as it was condemned in 2015. Firearms had been confiscated from the house in the past.


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