How America’s ‘Sex Number’ Compares With The Rest Of The World – Yeah, We Are Looking At You Australia


How many sexual partners is the “right” amount to have over a lifetime?

To learn the differences in acceptable sexual behavior in the U.S. and Europe, Superdug Online surveyed 2,000 people in 10 countries to determine what people in each country consider “too promiscuous,” “too conservative,” and “ideal.”

The study showed Australia to be the most sexually adventurous country surveyed. It was tied for the highest level of acceptable promiscuity (16) while deeming the highest number partners (7) “too conservative.”

Spain was a real wildcard in the study. Spaniards said just one sexual partner was “too conservative” while having the second-highest number (15) for “too promiscuous.”

The people of the United States fell somewhere in the middle: Americans think that 15 partners in one lifetime is “too promiscuous,” while seven partners is “ideal.”

So how many sexual partners does the average American have? Funny enough, the same number as its “ideal” in the Superdrug survey: 7.2. Louisiana is the most promiscuous with an average of 15.7 partners and Utah was the least promiscuous with 2.6

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