How Anti-Social Are You?

How Anti-Social Are You?

Do you REALLY hate people? Or are you just pretending?

How Anti-Social Are You?

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“You HATE other people
You are REALLY not social!
You hate being around other people, talking to strangers and feeling obliged to make friends. You’d rather stay at home, do your own thing and keep everybody else outside.”


Several questions about friends – what if I don’t have any?

You are a super social person!

You are loving, warm, welcoming and funny. You love being around people, laugh and share crazy stories. You like to host people in your home, go out to restaurants and clubs, and just enjoy the company of others.
Although it might not seem like it, you do enjoy your alone time every once in a while (but you need to make sure you have somebody on standby if you get bored).

Huh, pretty damn accurate! 🙂

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