How Are Tsunamis Formed?

How can a series of waves caused by earthquakes or other underwater eruptions be so destructive?

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Living in a coastal town for several years, I loved the ocean and watching the waves, the bigger the better. One stormy night I and my girlfriend drove down to a section of hi-way 101 that was closed to accommodate beach goers. I got out of the company truck I was driving to watch the waves crashing into the seawall. Suddenly I looked out into the darkness and saw a wave approaching that clearly taller than the concrete guardrail and at eye level. The moment I turned to run, the wave smashed into my back and seemingly pushed the truck a couple of feet across the pavement. The window on my girlfriends side was down about 2 or 3 inches so when I opened my door about 6 inches of water ran out and the cab looked like it had been through a car wash, windows down.
Since seawater has the capacity to quickly destroy electronics and corrode connections I barely made the drive of several miles back to the company yard where I parked and walked home. The truck was a total write off and somehow I escaped any serious punishment for my stupidity… Fun times..

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