How Did The United Kingdom Get So Transphobic?

Transphobia runs rampant in the British press and among notable people like J.K. Rowling. How did things get so bad in the United Kingdom?

One reply on “How Did The United Kingdom Get So Transphobic?”

My attitudes aren’t going to be liked by either side because I’m neither PC pro or conservatively repressive.

I don’t care if someone is trans/non identifying. It’s their choice. Not my business if it’s just them it affects.

Seeing as it’s their choice they should receive all the same rights as long as it doesn’t pull others down.

They shouldn’t be allowed to participate in competitive sports that don’t allow mixed genders or performance enhancing drugs or surgical enhancement, if their gender is an advantage. For example, the paraolympic basketball team who simply all claimed to be retarded was cheating.

As for gendered bathrooms, people should make a choice and stick with it for a long time. Otherwise, a bloke could walk into the girl’s showers saying he felt like a woman as he walked past, then the sight of all those girly nipples made him a lesbian and that’s why he had a boner. I mean it’s not the trans people who would be wrong here, it’s a rule to protect them might open a loophole for others to abuse. I think it’s all BS anyway and people are too prudish about body parts.

Also, if someone can put on a dress and a little make up and be hot, they’re hot. To deny that is insecure. However, it should be part of informed consent to know if they aren’t physically as presented before people get frisky.

But why wouldn’t you hang out with, hire, or do business with someone who’s trans or gay? Why wouldn’t you want them to have a full life?

Just let everybody be as they want to be as long as they don’t abuse it in ways that affect others.

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