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How Much Do You Know About The World?

How many continents are there?

It’s time to put your worldly knowledge to the test! See if you can identify flags, name countries, and answer geo-trivia.




How Much Do You Know About The World?

5 replies on “How Much Do You Know About The World?”

I got 11 right Not because I am smart but because I knew what answers were wrong and I picked the last answer that wasn’t wrong.

For the first question, I was thinking they meant by country rather than by population…

The following is a list of these languages in terms of the number of countries where each is spoken. The number that follows is the total number of countries that use that language (from Weber, 1997):

English (115)
French (35)
Arabic (24)
Spanish (20)
Russian (16)
German (9)
Mandarin (5)
Portuguese (5)
Hindi/Urdu (2)
Bengali (1)
Japanese (1)

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