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How Much Of A Picky Eater Are You REALLY?


Come find out with the definitive picky-eater-test!

How Much Of A Picky Eater Are You REALLY?

2 replies on “How Much Of A Picky Eater Are You REALLY?”

Perhaps they could list food that are not nice- nothing there is controversial. I do like tripe, but it isn’t to every ones taste, i’m not over keen on strong ammoniac flavours, and will not eat really cheap processed food.

You got the highest result possible – or should we say lowest? You’re in the two percent!

Scientifically speaking you must have an impressively broad taste-palate to tolerate such a wide array of unique foods and flavors. This is, believe it or not, extremely rare! In simpler terms: Congratulations! You are OFFICIALLY NOT a Picky Eater! Food is a passion of yours – whether it’s through cooking or simply scarfing it down, there is nothing quite like an exquisite meal for you.

The culinary world is vast, and your tastes are most certainly eclectic. A little bit of strange seafood? Sure, why not. Some roasted who-knows-what with a side of foreign veggies? Bring it on – You’ll try anything once! Your taste buds are your friend – and not the enemy. They treat you well, and you reward them with many different flavors in return. The world is your oyster – and you just might happen to enjoy those on occasion as well. Success! Victory! Bon Appetit!

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