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‘Howard Stern’ Prank Caller Uses Pokémon Go To Terrorize Dude With A Gun

‘Howard Stern’ Prank Caller Uses Pokémon Go To Terrorize Dude With A Gun


“Pokémon Go” has been out for two weeks now and shows no sign of slowing down. (It’s already surpassed “Candy Crush Saga”s record as the most active mobile game in the United States.) While the augmented reality app has been praised for its encouragement to stay active and explore urban environments, dedicated Pokémon trainers are taking that mission a little too seriously by wandering to places they probably shouldn’t go.

Howard Stern, provocateur that he is, must have noticed this trend and had one of his staffers, Richard Christy, do what he does best – prank calls. In his famed “Rusty” character, Christy calls up some unsuspecting dude and repeatedly inquires whether he can invade his property to catch some pocket monsters. Let’s just say the recipient of this call was not willing to comply.

Here’s the top highlight, imo:

Christy/Rusty: Did you heard that? Squirtle is actually in your living room and I just wanted to make sure you don’t mind if I come in your house and grab him.

Salty dude: Yeah I do. Yes, I do mind.

Christy/Rusty: I don’t know if you realize this – Squirtle is one the cutest and most important characters I could grab.

Salty dude: I don’t care.

*Pokémon voice*

Christy/Rusty: Holy moly, do you hear that? Jiggypuff is out in your garage, do you mind if I go back out there?

Salty dude: I will shoot you if you go in that garage.

Christy/Rusty: Yeah, but I need to grab Jigglypuff. Is it unlocked?

Stay safe, kids.


One reply on “‘Howard Stern’ Prank Caller Uses Pokémon Go To Terrorize Dude With A Gun”

Pew pew. Dead people. it’s the American Dream.

Anywhere else, you’d just call the police.

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