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Humans Could Soon Live On Moon After New Scientific Breakthrough

Humans Could Soon Live On Moon After New Scientific Breakthrough

An exciting new scientific discovery means the moon could soon be habitable by human beings.

Scientists studying our nearest neighbor now believe they have discovered how to determine whether – and where – there is water underneath the moon’s barren surface.

The team of researchers made their latest breakthrough after discovering that an asteroid called Ceres has water trapped in the bottom of its craters.

Images of the asteroid revealed what appears to be frozen water underneath the heavily cratered surface on its dark side, where temperatures regularly drop as low as -200 C (-328 F).

It is now believed similar traces of frozen water could well be trapped in craters at the moon’s south pole, reports the Daily Star.

If the scientists are right, it means there is a relatively high chance there is water on the moon, however the next – and more difficult – challenge will be to harvest it.

There are a number of theories currently being discussed and it is hoped that once a solution is found it would enable space agencies to accelerate plans to build a moon village where humans could live.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a video giving an artist’s impression of what the habitation units could potentially look like.

The main use for the moon village will be for scientists, researchers and even miners, however, Johann-Dietrich Wörner, ESA director general, said there is a chance holidaymakers will be invited to stay at the incredible lunar resort.

Having said that, wearing a bikini will not be advisable due to the incredibly high levels of solar radiation.

I’ll stick to a week in Hawaii…

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