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As you can see, it is yet another presentation of the forums. I apologize to everyone for changing them again, but this easy simple forum software was really wreaking havoc on the site. The only reason I even put the forums on this site was to give everyone a place to get updates and talk about the new upcoming I Am Bored site. We really don’t need a full blown forums section anyways.

Please continue on with discussions in the comments. Cat or I will give you any updates here as well.
Thank you all for patience and understanding.

(Partial transcript of previous conversations )

ElectricEye 58 Rep. 1 week Ago
Be aware this is a temporary forum until I can get the real forums back and running. With the migration to the new server and the setup involved, I am awaiting the services of an IT professional to migrate the database of the forums over to the new server. Unfortunately, it is beyond my limited abilities and I have to turn to more educated professional to preform the complicated process (Again…the monkey preforming brain surgery). I apologise to anyone that is as frustrated and disappointed with the move over, but let it be known…
WE are working around the clock to keep everyone entertained while providing for a place to continue on in the IAB tradition until it’s return.
Please keep this in mind.
As soon as the IT dude gets everything squared away, this site should be running like lightning and provide a perfect venue to hang out, chat, comment and view great posts and content until IAB is back and running.
Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

Billy Badass 15 Rep. 1 week Ago
Hey Man i think your doing great,.I love this site. I was on I am bored for while until i got kciked out my moms house and had to move. Since i got back i found out about all the stuff going on and I came here. I like it. I hope you keep rocking

Darkdragonrider 15 Rep. 1 week Ago
Thanks for the update. I know yall are working hard on both sites. Thanks to all for your hard work.

Catastrophic 53 Rep. 1 week Ago
EE beautifully stated. I couldn’t have said it better.

We are still waiting. BUT I PROMISE YOU GUYS IAB WILL BE BACK! It’s just all the lawyers are having fun, feeling each other up, and slowing everything down. It is out of my hands at this point and the BIG donors have taken over. Once they get everything squared away, they are supposed to turn it back over to Fancy and I.
So we wait…. and wait… and wait.

Just know it is a done deal and that IAB has been purchased from Demand, by our people.

LordJim 27 Rep. 7 days Ago
You deserve a medal as big as a dinner plate, except that would actually be quite uncomfortable.

Draculya 75 Rep. 6 days Ago
Soo bored, but not this bored.


Pyk 15 Rep. 5 days Ago
I am glad to read that you guys were able to get IAB instead of it going to someone else or worse being archived and forgotten.
Can’t wait for it to get up and running again, thanks for all your efforts.
No offence but this site always crashes my computers/phone so I don’t enjoy visiting here as much as IAB.

zeebeedee 38 Rep. 4 days Ago
Hurry up & wait.

…Boy talk about flashbacks.

Draculya 75 Rep. 1 day Ago
It’s moot now. IAB is dead.

Catastrophic 53 Rep. 1 day Ago
It will rise from it’s ashes like a mighty phoenix.

madduck 39 Rep. 21 hours Ago
Any news? I am having real trouble with this being slow to load, or just not loading. It may be me, win10 is out soon and this has slowed down horribly.

Catastrophic 53 Rep. 17 hours Ago
I have been told the transfer happens this week, maybe tomorrow even. I will let you know as soon as I know.

ElectricEye 58 Rep. 15 hours Ago

I hate the idea of anyone having problems viewing the page as i have just spent 3 weeks trying to tweak it and get it running not only secure, but lightning fast.
If it gets really slow, please make sure you are logged in. The server will give preference to logged in users. I am sure you are logged in as you make comments which would not be possible unless you were.
Are you using adblock? That will speed up your loading issues tremendously. We still get impressions (no clicks though), but we are not here to make money (paying for the new server and bandwidth would be nice though)…So if you are not using adblock, please install it and let me know if that helps you out.
Other than the ads, there is no other scripts installed on any pages in the whole site except the games and the chat pages.
If you are on a high speed internet connection with a windows 10 computer…it should load in no less than 2.1 seconds according to google analytics.
Personally I am on 12mb DSL on top of a mountain (way out in the sticks 30 minutes to the next person) and it takes me no more than 6 seconds to load. I have tested all over the eastern US, when I travel, and at no time…anywhere have I been yet…has it taken over 15 seconds to load the whole front page. If you have the ability to go to a friends house or take your laptop to somewhere else and log in, please try it out and see if you get different results. It may be your computer, your antivirus or internet is configured correctly.
I don’t know hardly anything about this new fangled website server stuff, but Cat is paying people that do and they have told me that the site is optimized and running perfectly as far the server side goes.
It bothers me that anyone is having problems getting on the site. Please do some more testing and let me know what you think is the problem. I will fix it if it is on this end.

madduck 39 Rep. 11 hours Ago
I will give it a while, I have to get No1 son to check adblock as it is on here but doesn’t run everywhere… i am quite patient anyway so lets just see how it goes, you don’t need more headaches right now.

66 replies on “I Am Bored News Forums”

Im out the loop at the Mo, been in hospital for 4 weeks with double pneumonia. Back now and seeing whats what!

Good to see you back FF.
I had that when I was a child. I slept for like 2 weeks straight. When I woke up my mom asked me if i was hungry. I was never so hungry in my life. She asked me what I wanted…I told her steak and pizza. I got both. Oh no…not a steak pizza…I had a whole steak dinner and a large pizza…The only time in my life I had that together in one meal. It was wonderful. You have got lots of great posts to catch up on…so get clicking and welcome back!

I’ve also been away….. mass evac of my apartments due to plumbing failure lol

It actually seems to be behaving itself- a fair bit quicker anyway. That could, of course, be my imagination.. but still.

Good. I made some site changes as well. Hope it works out for you. Are you able to upload an image to your profile? or a cover photo?

Clicking away EE clicking away!
Steak and Pizza, Bloody hell, I missed a trick there!!

Happy to see the forum back. Been checking, when I have time, through the “dammit” post on I-A-B. Can’t wait to see a new I-A B on-line. This is a good site but I preferred the comment area there. I think it was more conducive to discussion than simple commentary. Even the arguments were sometimes fun.

Sorry to hear you were so sick. Pleased you’re feeling better; stay well.

I’ll try. You might get a plant- the thumbs are so small I keep uploading the first one I know is me… I’ll go and try now.

Done it. Realised I rarely use my camera, and the kids are using it all the time- how many pictures of a pug does one girl need?

I don’t think there has been any activity on IAB in months. No new posts, only zombie threads with comments dating back to 2014.

Chaostrophic Script Report for the admin:

When I post comments I get “Fatal error: Call to undefined function delete_comment_link() in /home/chaostrophic/public_html/wp-content/plugins/simple-comment-editing/index.php on line 126”

Try and see if you can upload an avatar and cover photo into your profile please.

I can see a few others have updated theirs as well, so it must be working.

Your Wednesday or my Wednesday? For ease of reckoing I assume you are about 8 hours behind me- but I could be wrong. It gets confusing..

After all this time I won’t hold my breath, but I’ll keep a good thought and you can bet I’ll keep checking.

Hmm, my gravatar was linking in here but now it seems to have gone. I have a cover photo but when I try to upload an avatar I get ‘Forbidden’ – tried shrinking it to no avail.

Please try again. It is fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.

Looks like it’s taken it now. Thanks.

My puppy is much prettier than I am. 🙂

Yeah, I know. I am just passing on the information that I am given from the upper echelon. I am not sure what to think anymore.

I was told the 3rd, now it’s being put off again. Should we give up or keep hanging in there? Anyone one want to vote on what to do next?

Guys, when I am given news, by Fancy or anyone else involved in the deal, I am always eager to pass it on to you. I feel upset each and every time the tidbits of info turns out to be wrong. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t pass along information when they give it to me, but then I want to keep you guys updated as well.

I am just passing on the information that I am given from the upper echelon. I am not sure what to think anymore.

I was told the 3rd, now it’s being put off again. I am told it is owned by our people (Fancy) and will be up and running soon. Should we give up or keep hanging in there? Anyone one want to vote on what to do next?

Not much you CAN do really is there- I mean- either it gets back up and running and people visit, or they don’t. The longer the wait the less traffic the site is likely to get- certainly from us lot so – we”ll see. After too much longer people will have drifted away, so it’s not your fault.

Don’t worry Kitty, we’ll be waiting for the big day (altough what Madduck says is correct, but I guess we’ll have to spread the news when the site is ready to pump up the traffic).

5Cats is still stalking around the zombie posts, bashing ‘liberals’.

Any updates are good even if they are wrong. I’ll hang in there. I love IAB. I’ll be there when it comes back. Thanks Kitty for the updates and fighting for us.

Waited this long, I can wait a while longer. Besides, the bugs on this site seem to have been sorted.

Still lurking.
Still waiting…patiently.

Still BORED.

Whenever IAB comes back, I’ll be there.
Until then, I lurk here.
Until then, thank god for this place. I might accidentally get something done at work without chaostrophic.


That dude is fing crazy as hell. He probably thinks he is talking to someone.

Aw- he’s certainly a little ‘odd’ but not I think bad natured, no harm in him, he just has rather strange ideas and is possibly a tad gullible.Poor chap- he seems to have a few social interaction issues and really needs to get out more.

So, is IAB back up? I was just there and the comments are from a year ago. Let us know when we are good to go and I will be there. Thanks.

Its coming soon isnt it? I checked the site but I didnt see anything different yet. I am so happy for you Cat….all the shit you went through and soon the wait will be over. Congrats!

Oh bloody hell- mind you, he’ll get the last laugh when we all turn up in a bunch to find him there ahead of us.

Crazy like a fox! He’s gearing up for his life long dream to become mayor of Chernobyl.

I hope so, kitteh. I find myself going over to IAB less and less to check. It will just fade away if this wait carries on.
I know this site is here to fill a void but the tech problems no longer make me mad they just make me weary and that’s not a good sign.

That’s just a figure of speech to explain what is going on. I have access to the back end again, I am admin again, and I am told that Fancy and friends own the site. I am just waiting for approval to work on it again. I know they are working on the new wordpress site.

Fine. I’ll be there. Submitting content that that might be a few months old.

I see…so they don’t want anyone on the site until they’ve done all of the fixes? I’d personally prefer to see the old, broken site up and running instead of waiting even LONGER for an awesome, polished site.

Well, best of luck! Anxiously awaiting the rebirth!

The big ugly Demand logo is gone from the bottom of IAB!!! I’ll take that as the best sign of things to come yet!

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