Has Ian Watkins Been Tweeting From Prison?



A series of tweets from disgraced peadophile Ian Watkins have appeared on social media. 

Since he was arrested and charged with attempted child rape in 2012, the Lostprophet’s former frontman has kept a low profile as he serves time for his atrocious crimes.

The series of tweets – received with a spattering of likes and retweets from god knows who – suggested new musical releases will drop in 2017, reports The Mirror.

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Watkins is serving a 35-years sentence after pleading guilty to a string of sex offences including the attempted rape of a baby.

The former singer is held in a Category B ‘soft’ jail for sex offenders, after he was moved from HMP Wakefield – nicknamed ‘Monster Mansion’ – and HMP Long Lartin.

Since his arrested, his official Twitter account has been silent, until now:

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A public outcry has ensued, with people commenting on the SoundCloud page, saying, ‘Fuck this and fuck Watkins.’

L’AmourLaMorgue is thought to be a DJ side project Watkins was working on before he was incarcerated. The track, SEQUENCE INITIATED, was uploaded to the music sharing site with the hashtag, #FILTHFUCK and it samples tracks featuring Akon’s ‘Convict Music’ signature.

The chilling tweets have sparked an outraged response from onlookers, who have taken to Twitter to express their disdain for the convicted criminal who admitted to a total of 13 child sex offences.


Others called for the perverted rock star’s Twitter verification to be revoked:

While one user ruminated over the huge number of followers Watkins’ official account has retained:

Others believe it’s almost certain the tweets are a sick stunt from hackers:

It remains unclear whether the tweets were sent by the hand of Watkins himself or whether hackers have gained access to his account for their own means – the latter, arguably, the more likely scenario.

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