Idiots Get Pathetic Revenge On Ex Girlfriend Working At McDonald’s


When you go through a difficult break-up, there’s often a lot of anger that makes you want to just punch that person, or…chuck a burger at their face?

Apparently this heart-broken man had the urge to hurl fast food at the face of his ex-girlfriend through the window of his car.

Now it’s not as fatal as most drive-bys, but being hit in the face by a burger and a soft drink is pretty salty revenge.

The video, posted to Twitter, shows a couple of men in a car, going through the Drive-Thru at McDonald’s, armed with fast food.

Then they take aim and throw their food and drinks at the unsuspecting woman working there.

We have no idea what the girl did to the guy to make him so angry, but I would’t cross him again.

I bet she had really damp socks for the rest of the day at work…that’s the worst.

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