Idiots Wreck A Car Because They Were Too Busy With A Selfie Stick To Drive

7 replies on “Idiots Wreck A Car Because They Were Too Busy With A Selfie Stick To Drive”

Not zaccurate at all. The tire blew and they spun out. The driver was not skilled/experienced enough to handle the situation, selfie stick and singing notwithstanding.
Get a grip.

The “WAKE THE FUCK UP” strip is there to keep from driving off the road. They spun out cause they were talking on the selfie….end of story!

No, it’s definitely a tire blowing. Have you never had a tire blow on you, while driving down the highway? Rumble strips don’t shake the car that much.

I concur. I’ve had tires come apart while going 70MPH and it requires your undivided attention to recover from a potentially deadly situation, and yes, it sounds and behaves just like that.

It was one of the scariest goddamn things to happen to me while driving. I thought the transmission fell out!
The only thing that came close to the blowout was when the driveshaft on my current pickup fell off. I let the U-joint go and go and go, knowing it was bad, and one day it had had enough.

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