The number crunchers over at Bloomberg put together a chart (not to be confused with a shart) of what it would look like if the wealthiest billionaire in each country gave all of their money to anyone in that country living below the poverty line (how much money each person would get). So basically we’re looking at how much money each person living in poverty would get if the wealthiest billionaire in their country distributed their money equally among every person living in poverty. So for some countries each person living in poverty would get A RELATIVE SHIT TON of money (Cyprus, $45K+) and for other countries people living in poverty would barely get any assistance at all (India, $59).

This is called the ‘Robin Hood Index’, playing off the obvious ‘stealing from the rich and giving to the poor’ from Robin Hood, and Wei Lu from Bloomberg breaks it down:

We took a spattering of 42 countries with radically different demographics and economies, then compared the wealthiest individuals to the percentage of the populations living in poverty. By the way, only in Chile, the Netherlands, France and Australia is the richest person a woman.
The index shows how the net worth of each country’s wealthiest person compares to the livelihood of his fellow countrymen by calculating the lump sum in dollars each person living in poverty would get if the assets of the richest citizen were liquidated and redistributed. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index and the CIA World Factbook were our reference points.

India’s large population means Mukesh Ambani’s $19.2 billion net worth amounts to the smallest payout to the poor of any other country analyzed. His net worth is 13.6 million times more than the gross domestic product of his fellow Indians. Still, with 30 percent of the country destitute, his riches would result in each poor person getting $59, enough for 118 basic meals priced at 35 rupees (50 cents) and consisting of rice, dal, two vegetables, one pickle and three chapatis.
Cyprus and Sweden are where the poor stand to gain the most, $45,987 and $33,149 respectively, yet they are also exceptional. They have small populations — the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean has 1.1 million people — and fairly high living standards — Sweden ranks among the highest when it comes to GDP per capita.

So make note of this: if you’re ever looking to marry a very, very wealthy woman who lives in a country with extreme disparity in wealth distribution then you should start looking in Sweden or Cyprus, but probably Sweden, because Swedish chicks are some of the most beautiful in the world. Conversely, if you’re looking to REALLY make a difference in someone’s life, someone who is living below the poverty line, then consider tossing a few bucks India’s way.


If The Richest Billionaire In Each Country Gave All His Money To The Poor Here’s How Much Money Each Person Would Get


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