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If You’re Going 80 Miles Per Hour… How Long To Get To Stupidville?

4 replies on “If You’re Going 80 Miles Per Hour… How Long To Get To Stupidville?”

I think this version is staged, but my buddy’s GF failed this. My wife failed this. Every woman I’ve asked failed this. First they repeat the question . Then they ask irrelevant details like the size of the wheel. Finally they declare the question stupid.

Women are permitted to hold a commercial pilots license. Think about that for a minute.

i don’t think it is a women thing, but more of a stupid thing. Many and I mean many…people will get this question wrong. Especially those that can not think. (If you know what I mean) 🙂

ElectricEye, has nailed it… this is a case of one persons stupidity not an entire genders stupidity.

If you want though, Drac, I’m sure the rest of us here at Chaostrophic can all start assuming that all men are the same, too (seeing how you love to assume all women are the same).

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