Illuminati Member Reveals Exactly What The Secret Society Is

Illuminati Member Reveals Exactly What The Secret Society Is



As if 2016 hasn’t already been a crazy year, a former Illuminati member has come forward to confirm that the super secret society is in fact real.

The alleged Illuminati member claims he was recruited as a 19-year-old but had to ‘get out’ after spending 47 years there.

Taking to Imgur (an obvious choice when revealing a huge government conspiracy), he claimed Obama isn’t a member, but world leaders are preparing for World War 3 by living in bunkers, including under Denver Airport, the Daily Star reports.


He wrote:

There are 439 bunkers in the entire world. ALL of these bunkers and bases are controlled and maintained by the Illuminati.

The largest underground bunker is in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This bunker has the capability of holding up to 5,000 people for a period of up to ten years.

I have personally been in this bunker and it is much larger than anyone can possibly even imagine. The bunker is secured mainly for the events of the end times.

5,000 of the world’s richest, brightest and most powerful individuals will secure shelter in this bunker in the event of a global thermonuclear war, natural disaster, or any other form of global catastrophe.


The alleged former member claims key figures in history like Leon Trotsky, Abraham Lincoln and Saddam Hussein have stayed in the bunkers during times of conflict.

He seem to touch on all conspiracy theories, saying the much-debated 1969 moon landing was real – but there was a successful mission seven years previously by the Russians.

Less believably, he claims the Illuminati has found a way to ‘shut off the sun’.

It was also claimed Vladimir Putin is a member of the Illuminati (obviously) and controls Asia. And the Spanish flu of 1918, SARS and the Bird Flu scare were all orchestrated by the super secret group, according to the alleged former Illuminati member.

While the claims were posted to Imgur by user stevestig76, the post – which was quickly dismissed as a hoax by site users – has since been taken down. His profile also seems to be deleted.

Suspicious, or just another crazy conspiracy theory?

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