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‘I’m Going To Keep Doing It’: Father Films Psycho Step Mom Abusing His Kids


A woman was caught on video beating two children with a wooden spoon and verbally abusing them while their father filmed the incident, but did nothing to stop it.

According to reports, the father — named Matthew — had Michelle arrested thanks to the video.

Matthew’s reasoning for not intervening was reportedly because he needed the video as evidence of what she was doing to his children, as police had previously not taken him seriously when he made attempts to report abuse.

4 replies on “‘I’m Going To Keep Doing It’: Father Films Psycho Step Mom Abusing His Kids”

The death threats alone should be enough to put her away for a very long time.

Here’s hoping, Squidbush.

Also, here’s hoping that this video helps us see the end of that horrible double standard of spousal abuse! Damn cops not taking this guy seriously forced him to allow further abuse of himself and his children just so he could document it and prove himself right!
How many women/feminists/femenazis would be foaming at the mouth if it had been a woman trying to report this kind of abuse? The fact that it’s a man reporting it makes it no less true or important to deal with. Fucking cops not supporting their fellow man makes me sick.

“If I lose another kid…”

Presumably she has had at least one child taken by child protection services. Shouldn’t have had to come to that situation. Also, she’s rubbish at housekeeping.

Still, goes to show that wicked step-mothers are not a fairy tale.

Of course you have to ask how he let it get that far. I mean, the first time she hit his kids should have been out the door. But then again, how did he let her through the door? We all make mistakes but she surely wasn’t that much of a charmer fairly recently.

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