Trenton, NJ – A veteran state trooper whose duties included providing security at the Statehouse in Trenton faces drunken driving charges after officials said he crashed his marked police cruiser Monday afternoon in a Garden State Parkway rest area.Sgt. First Class Michael Roadside, 51, had an open container of alcohol in his patrol car when he rear-ended a white Audi in the Monmouth Service Area near Exit 100 around 2 p.m., according to a news release Tuesday from State Police.

The on-duty New Jersey state trooper allegedly had a blood alcohol content that was twice the legal limit when he slammed his police cruiser into another car and then attempted to silence the situation by offering the driver $1,000.

On Oct. 16, Sgt. First Class Michael Roadside crashed into another car at a rest stop off the Garden State Parkway. The 51-year-old police officer attempted to pay the driver of the car $1,000 if she didn’t call 911 and report the incident, but the driver retorted, “I don’t operate that way.” Kimberly Wilson, the driver of the car that was hit said, “He said he would take care of it.” When she pressed him by what he meant, he said. “He’d give her his name and number.”

Wilson, who was in her Audi, called the police anyway because the officer appeared “disheveled” and drunk. “I asked if he was a police officer because he was a mess. His shirt was inside-out and his hair was disheveled. His belly and back were exposed. He said yes, I said where’s your uniform and your weapons? He pulled his shirt open to expose his weapons and a Bud Light cap fell on the ground and his magazine that was loaded fell on the ground.”

Responding officer Sgt. M. J. Durak arrived at the Monmouth Rest Area and confronted Roadside. The intoxicated officer told Durak that Wilson had stopped short and he hit her. However, Durak immediately noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle.

“I also noticed that Mr. Roadside appeared to be very disheveled, specifically, his clothing was dirty, mussed, he was only partly dressed in uniform, and his shirt was unbuttoned and appeared to have vomit on it,” Durak wrote in his report. The responding officer also observed that Roadside’s speech was slow and slurred, and his eyes were watery and bloodshot. If that wasn’t enough evidence, there were two open 16-ounce Coors Light containers in his troop car.

Throughout Durak’s interaction with Roadside, the officer blamed his apparent inebriated state on an anesthetic from a prostate surgery that he had two weeks earlier. When Durak asked him for his license, Roadside responded, “I have no idea where it is. I’m just getting out of the hospital. I had have bad prostate surgery.”

Druak informed Roadside that he would be taken to the Holmdel Police Station and he responded by saying the always incriminating, “What’s going on here? I’m not drunk.”

When Roadside was administered a breath test at the police station, the plastered cop even accurately guessed his level of inebriation. “What am I, about a one-eight?” Roadside was sooooo close! His BAC was .16, twice the legal limit. Then the shwasted officer proudly announced, “I’ve been way more drunk than that.” He eventually admitted that he pounded nine beers at his house.

According to public records, Roadside had a salary of $105,743 last year, and he has been with the State Police State House Security Operations and Policing Unit since 2013.


No one was injured in the crash, described in the release as “minor,” but Roadside, a 28-year veteran, was immediately relieved of his duty weapon and taken into custody.The release announcing the arrest noted that Roadside, who lives in Cinnaminson, had worked a construction detail before the accident; troopers very often work such “supplementary assignments” on overtime. There was no word on when he ended the assignment.

Roadside was charged with driving while intoxicated, careless driving and having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, according to State Police. He was processed and released.

Remember Mr. Roadside, drive sober or get pulled over.


“I’m Not Drunk” – Vomit-Covered, Drunk NJ State Trooper Offered Woman $1,000 Not To Report Crash

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