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We are building a fantastic archive of the greatest information on the internet.  We are hoping to combine that with social aspects of a great online community, but we need your help.  If you have any suggestions or thoughts that you think will help to build Chaostrophic, please leave them in the comments below.





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Would it be possible to get feedback on submitted content that was never used. It would be useful to know if something was improper or a repost or too lame and whatnot.

You should currently get an email if your post was approved and posted. I will work on sending out an email if a submission is turned down, but I don’t think anything has been rejected as of yet. I will have to ask Cat about it.

I sent you an email requarding the “Why I Am Broke” submission. Did you get that?

Your other current submissions are slotted for tomorrow. I will try and get some notification for the rejects should they occur, but as of right now, just assume if it doesn’t get posted with in a couple of days after submission that it was rejected.

Thanks for the email I had a feeling that site would be a problem. I will recognize similar problems in the future.

…long as I haven’t had too much scotch

No looking for a star system or anything like that (honestly don’t like the star system) but I completely overlooked the “like the post” until now. Anyway that could be a little more prominent, or listed on the main page so people can see which tend to be drawing a lot of attention?

Ok McKay I will talk with Cat about it and see what I can change up. Thanks for the input.

Home button. Awesome! I thank you and my tablet thanks you!

Hey thanks BBA

We are trying to keep everyone entertained.

It is people like you that keep us going…and all the other people (you know who you are!!) that will someday take Chaostrophic to the top.

Thank you and everyone else for THEIR participation!!

( know who you are! “and if you want a tshirt…just let me know”)

I tryed to change the size but I could’nt get it right. I consulted the man that wrote the plugin and he looked at it on the site and because of “blah blah blah” (shit I did’nt understand what he was saying to me) …the plugin can’t work or be altered with our current layout.

Anyways…In the future I will attempt to fix this,as I agree with what you are saying, It won’t be soon but it WILL get done, Thank you for your input,

My ad blocker also blocks the facebook like and google plus buttons.

Here’s a suggestion. Stop posting those god damn useless quizzes. The ones (nearly ALL of them lately) that give you NO feedback. You simply answer a bunch of multiple choice questions and at the end you’re patted on the head. No right or wrong. It seriously pisses me off and actually feel like I was scammed.

Sorry you feel scammed. I have been trying to find another site that offers quizzes that I can embed, but no luck so far.
I am hoping the site will go back to the quizzes like before that showed the correct answers, and this is just a phase.

If anyone has a suggestion on where to get better quizzes and tests please let me know so we can fix this.

I want to sincerely thank Catastrophic for the hard work and dedication to this site. It amazes me how much time and effort you put into this and continue to just get better with each and every post you do. I have no idea how you find all this great content and I can only imagine how many hours you must spend to find the latest and the extremely weird shit from the whole internet everyday. You have changed my browsing habits forever. I just wanted you to know and say THANK YOU!

Sorry about the diatribe. I know you work hard on the site, and frustrating quizzes aside, I still show up every day.

Shame Shame on you. You should have Chaostophic whitelisted in your adblocker so they can make a couple of pennies when you come here. I know I do and it doesn’t slow down my old ass computer at all cause they don’t have a bunch of ads on the site. Anyways just my thoughts. Here is a link to explain.

No, it’s fine! I need to know what’s wrong on the site. Good knews is the next few quizzes have answers! Maybe they stopped with the crap.

Yay! Maybe I wasn’t the only one who was experiencing keyboard-smashing frustration. Hopefully someone found the guy responsible and gave him a good slap.

I think this site is great. One of the best on the internet from a grass roots perspective. Not some corporate owned monster, kinda like coming home to a secret cave. It keeps getting better eveyday. Thank you and keep up the good work.

I’ve been away. Let’s just say I had some problems with anger management.

Anyhoo, what I’d like is a way to filter the posts for ones where I haven’t yet commented. Just add that to your long-term wishlist.

Chaostrophic is actually a better site than IAB now, both in terms of content and comments. I am surprised how much I don’t miss the fighting.

First, I propose members can start forum topics. This would reduce clutter.

Second, we have a number of superusers, so let’s grant some privileges. Starting topics is an example.

Third, please limit the number of GIFs per page. I use a mobile and a PC with firefox and too many GIFs cause crashes. A click-next script would also work to stop GIF dump crashes.

How are we doing for site traffic and adrev breakeven? Are we seeing reasonable growth? Do we need to poach people from IAB to reach critical mass? I see this site and IAB taking two different paths. IAB can be a seething hotbed of politics and burns and Chaostrophic would be a more moderated, more moderate and friendly site driven by content and quality comments. With only two mods, this will become hard, but if we have a comment flagging system, users can take some of the weight off.

We have a lot of quality content that has never been commented on. New members will only see the first few pages. Can we have a way to sort pages by activity? I’d like to see which threads haven’t been commented on and also see what threads were the most popular.

We are experiencing a good steady growth right now. Our audience is getting bigger everyday. Great questions, great ideas… we need to make you a partner.

Now I want to say mean hurtful things about ‘other’ sites, but I won’t.

We are planning on breaking the gif posts into two or three pages, that way they will load quicker.

We did have an open forum at first where members could add topics, but that didn’t work out very well and we ditched it.

What privledges would you like? This is our (members) site and we can do anything we want, so what do you want?

I worked on a popular post page, but it is VERY database intensive and not something I feel comfortable about placing on the site for just anyone to use. The Top 10 trending widget on the front page sidebar puts enough strain on the server as it is (it alone consumes %16 of pageload CPU on the server every time someone loads the site). I don’t want to even test the page I created live on the server. It won’t have much impact if it has a few views, but if it had a bunch of hits at the same time…It would definitely load the server. Sending you both a link via email.

I do not do any comment moderation here at all. I think Chaostrophic should be a place to say and do whatever you want to. (Other than the standard taboo stuff…personal attacks…etc) Personally I want to see more arguments, burns and people commenting on what they really believe and want to say, like you do Drac. It will get there someday.

I personally am not a big fan of the click-next gallery style, but it is up to Cat and whatever she wants to do. The breaking up the gifdumps into click next pages of say like 10 gifs each would help with crashes and page load speed for sure. That is the direction I would suggest.

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