Indonesian Pop Star Performs With Cobras, Gets Bit, Keeps Performing, And Dies 45 Minutes Later

I understand that “the show must go on” but when a performer is bitten by a cobra it’s probably acceptable to take a short intermission.

Indonesian pop singer Irma Bule died after a cobra bit her on stage during a concert on Sunday. Bule, 29, was known to perform with snakes, and this time brought out a king cobra, which she thought was defanged. Rather than seeking medical attention, Bule continued to perform for 45 minutes before collapsing on stage.

Witness said during the second song of the performance, Bule accidentally stepped on the cobra’s tale, which caused it to strike.

Video footage of the incident has now hit the web and it’s tough to watch because, you know, she’s dead.

It’s obvious the snake latched onto Bule and a stagehand had to come and help remove the reptile.

“The effects were felt 45 minutes after the bite,” according to audience member Ferlando Octavion Auzura. “She vomited, had seizures, and her body seized.”

This is a pretty sad story and obviously someone is to blame.


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