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Over Indulgent Mom To Give Her Kids Close To 100 Gifts Each Again This Year

Over Indulgent Mom To Give Her Kids Close To 100 Gifts Each Again This Year

Hey, if you have the money, spend it.

So if your this woman’s kids, chances are you won’t have time to think of a reason you might have gotten a shitty Christmas gift, because you will be too busy opening up your other ninety-something gifts you received.

Emma Tapping,  a 36-year-old mother-of-three who runs a holiday cottage, made headlines last year after it was discovered she had gotten each of her children 87 gifts for Christmas last year. And people for some reason lost their mind. But don’t worry, folks, she’s not doing that this year. Well, she’s not getting them 87 gifts each. She’s getting them 96 gifts each this time around.

Tapping has been preparing for this gift-splash since way back in July, and says she won’t be changing her ways because the look on her kids’ faces is “priceless.” Hell, just take a look at the photos that went viral last year of her tree drowning in gifts.

And another:

On the criticism she received, Tapping said “When it first happened I felt like I had to stick up for the kids and say they are not spoilt. I felt I had to justify what I was doing, but now I couldn’t give a toss what anyone thinks.”

That’s the spirit.

“I will put a picture of my Christmas tree up this year, if you don’t like it scroll on and it is a good job I am not your mum,” Tapping adds.

It really is baffling that some people are actually upset. Tapping works hard, she has money and she enjoys drowning her kids in video game gifts, electronics, useless toys and more. It’s her money.

Now excuse me while I enjoy this card with $5 I just got from my grandma.

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