Infested Bakery Fined $290k After Inspectors Found Them Mashing Potatoes With Tennis Racket


The next time you visit the UK, it might not hurt to ask for your bangers and mash sans racket.

What you see above is what English officials found at a local bakery during a health inspection — a grungy tennis racket that was used to mash bowls of boiled potatoes.

Yup. They could have spent a few bucks on a potato masher, like this one …


Instead they opted for the alternative: used tennis racket strings.



Two bakeries, located in Edmonton, north London, shared the building. Doce Bakers and Sweet Mahal have been fined $290K. They reportedly had ongoing pest problems along with filthy floors and equipment.


The shops were jointly used to manufacture desserts, sweets, bakery goods and samosas.
Enfield Council’s cabinet member for environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: “Enfield Council has a duty to protect our residents and we won’t hesitate to act wherever and whenever necessary to protect them against any risk to their health.

“We take a dim view of any food outlets whose premises aren’t kept in a hygienic state for the manufacture of food.

“Our residents have the right to expect the food they buy to be safe to eat.”

Why two bakeries needed to mash potatoes is just one of several questions here.

On thing is for certain — we will never look at a tennis racket the same.



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