Arte Vann proposes to Erica Harris just seconds after meeting her in person for the first time.


Erica Harris talks on the phone with Arte Vann while waiting for him at the airport in Canada.

The couple bonded for almost a year through love poems and songs for each other through Instagram posts.

Arte Vann connected with Erica Harris through Instagram last March, when he posted a "Seven Deadly Sins" poem.

Erica Harris commented on his post writing "you had me at lust," sparking their relationship.

A long-distance couple went from Instagram to Insta-marriage.

In a gamble for true #love, Erica Harris married a man just seconds after they met for the first time at an airport in California, after the two randomly connected a year ago on Instagram.

The long-distance relationship between Harris and her new husband, Arte Vann, grew with love poems and songs over social media.

The two lived across the country from each other, with Harris in California and Vann in New York.

When they met at the Ontario International Airport for the first time on Friday, Vann got straight to the point. He proposed immediately to the woman he had only seen in photos and videos from their budding online romance.

“Don’t listen to your thoughts. Don’t listen to your head,” he told KCAL9 at the airport after she said yes. “Follow your heart. Follow your soul.”

Harris’s Instagram profile now says she’s married “to the man of my dreams,” while Vann calls her “the love of my life.”

The two met in March last year after Vann posted a poem with the hashtag #7deadlysins, where Harris commented, “you had me at lust.”

The two had used the same hashtags for the poetry and writing community on Instagram when the chance encounter happened.

“You don’t drag your feet with real love,” Harris said. “You leap into that like there’s no tomorrow, and that’s what we’re doing.”




INSTA-GROOM! Couple marries seconds after meeting for the first time in airport, started dating a year ago on social media

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