Instagram ‘Celebrity’ Gets Demolished After Pulling The ‘do You Know Who I Am’ Routine


Multiple eyewitnesses on the scene tell TMZ … Brother Nature was sitting at a table inside the sandwich shop and demanding to be served by a waiter, although the staff had stopped serving at that point. We’re told everyone who wanted food had to order at the counter.

Well, apparently … Brother Nature wasn’t too happy with that, according to the people we spoke with. He allegedly got up and confronted the staff, going on to ramble about his celebrity status … the “you don’t know who I am?” treatment, we’re told.

The witnesses say a guy was filming Brother Nature from the counter, which BN didn’t like either. Eventually, we’re told Brother Nature was asked to leave by the manager … and once outside, our sources say BN challenged the cameraman to a fight.

It was all downhill from there … the guy seen on video stepped out and handled BN in the lot, came back inside and tried letting it be. BUT, we’re told BN came back inside and wanted more … allegedly hitting one of the attacker’s acquaintances, seemingly for no reason.

That’s when we’re told the indoor stomp out began, with the attacker and at least one of his friends thrashing BN (again). So, it went … lot beatdown, then restaurant beatdown. After that, we’re told everyone went their separate ways before cops arrived at the scene.



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