Instagram Fitness Model Arrested On Drug Trafficking Charges

Instagram Fitness Model Arrested On Drug Trafficking Charges –

Something tells me she won’t get many ‘likes’ for this one.

If you’re a fan and a follower of Instagram fitness model Mary Molloy, well you can expect not to see any more photos or selfies of her for quite a while. And why is that? Well that’s because the 25-year-old was arrested and charged in an intense overnight raid in Brisbane, Australia.


According to NY Post, Molloy and her former partner, 32-year-old Jason Atkins, were busted as part of a huge MDMA trafficking syndicate.

The crime pair were both charged with a ton of offenses, including the following: trafficking, supply and possession of MDMA as well as possession of things used in the commission of a crime.

NY Post

Molloy, who posted dozens of bikini-clad photos on her Instagram account and describes herself online as a WBFF Fitness Pro, was also charged with trafficking cocaine. Their arrests are believed to be linked to two other arrests made in November after drugs were allegedly seized, which a group was said to be trying to move.

Detectives will claim 24,000 MDMA pills allegedly discovered at a property in Albion had a street value of more than $1 million. Police allege the syndicate was moving drugs from Sydney to Queensland and that Atkins is linked to a property were MDMA was seized.The Courier-Mail reports that Atkins and Molloy were in a relationship but split up three weeks ago.

No surprise here, but the fitness model’s Instagram is now private:

Well, that should go to show you all that you truly don’t really know the person behind the Instagram photos and the puppy filters. They can be stealing ketchup packets from fast food chains or they can be trafficking drugs. You just never know.

But hey, we all have hundreds of other fitness models that can we gawk over.


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