Instagram Model Arrested After Accused of Kidnapping Then Torturing Rival

I guess the Instagram model game is competitive as f*ck. Who knew a little bit of beef could end up in kidnapping and a night of terror.

Yeimy and her sister Claudia are accused of kidnapping alleged victim Carolina Muñoz, 23 (pictured below), at a restaurant in the Colombian capital Bogota and submitting her to a night of terror


Carolina, who believes she was targeted after posting embarrassing pictures of the sisters on the Internet, told police: “They bit me, tortured me, pulled my hair and when we reached a remote spot in the car they cut all my clothes off and left me totally naked.”

Here is Yeimy:


She also accused them of threatening to destroy her life by throwing acid into her face, shaving her hair off, and forcing her to hand over the passwords to her social networking sites before posting intimate photos of her on the Internet.

Police said in a statement: “A woman accused of attacking the model Carolina Munoz was captured at El Dorado Airport in Bogota.

“The arrest happened as the woman was intending to leave the country on a flight to Miami.

“The case occurred on 31 January 2015 when, according to witnesses, the victim was kidnapped in a restaurant in northern Bogota.

“The woman received electric shocks and was driven in a vehicle to a remote rural spot where she was submitted to more physical and psychological attacks such as having her head shaved.


“According to the model’s testimony she had her phone taken off and was forced to hand over the codes to her social networking sites so intimate photos of her could be posted on them.

Instagram Model Arrested After Accused of Kidnapping Then Torturing Rival

3 replies on “Instagram Model Arrested After Accused of Kidnapping Then Torturing Rival”

WTF is an Instagram model??!!

Isn’t it someone who posts naked pictures to get attention from strangers? Sooooo, they took her passwords and threatened to post intimate pictures? Not much of a threat.

It’s like if someone threatened to make me look like an asshole online…but I do that myself like everyday!

The rest of the stuff they did was pretty nasty, but the threat of posting pictures made me laugh.

Sounds to me like she finally found the attention so desperately was seeking. People are never happy when they finally get the thing they wanted…

I would like to have watched. Anyone got links to the photos?

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