Instagram Model Gets Kidnapped Then Auctioned Off On The ‘Dark Web’

This is a crazy story. The craziest thing to me is how easy it seemed for these goons to execute this plan. This is some TAKEN movie type shit.

This could easily happen to anyone showing up for a “gig” that they think is legit.

According to Unilad: An extremely chilling and sickening note was given to the British model who was lured to a photoshoot in Milan before being kidnapped and drugged to be sold on the ‘deep web’.

The Black Death Group, who appear to be running a disgusting Taken-esque trafficking ring, took responsibility for the capture of the 20-year-old model, saying she was ‘being released as a huge generosity from Black Death Group’ and that ‘Any sort of disobedience with the above will result in your elimination’.


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The Black Death Group seem too terrifying to be real, but they allegedly operating on the dark web, offering services in the trading of virtually everything from women, to weapons.

The full letter read: You are being released as a huge generosity from Black Death Group. Your release does, however, come with a warning and you should read this letter very carefully.

You are certainly aware of your value on human slavery market (sic) and must make a note that this isn’t personal, this is business. For your release we have taken a number of factors into consideration.

A mistake was made by capturing you, especially considering you are a young mother that should have in no circumstances be lured into kidnapping. Second important factor (sic) you are very well aware of is your overall protection by one of our main and very well respected men who made a very clear and solid stance in your case.

You will, upon your landing in your home country cease any investigation activities related to your kidnapping. You also agreed to sneak a pre-determined set of information in to the media and we will expect to see evidence that has been done in the near future.

You and your family will, in no way ever talk about us in bad language and without respect. You have been treated fairly, with respect and we expect to hear exactly the same about us in return. You can release any information you have heard from MO while your holding as he would never give you any information that could harm our activities. We will not tolerate lying about anything that has happened.

You have also agreed to pay outstanding costs of your release of $50,000. We expect that money to be paid in BitCoins within one month.

Any sort of disobedience with the above will result in your elimination.

The ‘advert’ for the model reads:

Born in UK; Abducted in Italy; Held in Germany; 19 year old; Caucasian; 34DD-25-35; Beginner model; Starting bid $300,000. Auction takes place 16.7.2017

The woman, 20, arrived at a fake studio in the city before she was allegedly attacked by two men and forced to take ketamine.

According to police, she was then stuffed into the boot of a car and driven miles away and ‘put up for sale on an auction site for more than £230,000’.

She was handcuffed to a chest of drawers in the bedroom of an isolated house north of Turin and kept there for six days before being released.

The organized crime group only released the model because she was a young mother to a 2-year-old which breached their conditions for capture.

A statement to the police was published by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. 

Chloe said: A person wearing black gloves came up from behind and put one hand on my neck and the other on my mouth, while a second person, wearing a black balaclava, injected me in my right arm.

I think I lost consciousness. When I woke up I was wearing a pink bodysuit and the socks I’m in now.

I realized I was in the boot of a car, with my wrists and ankles tied and my mouth taped. I was inside a bag, with only a small hole that allowed me to breathe.

Chloe said she was screaming so much her kidnappers had to stop the car three times while driving her and she said her feet and hands were tied to a chest of drawers after arriving at the house.I was forced to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag.

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