Instagram Model Gets Woman Fired After “Bullying” Her Children In The Comments


Watch out what you say about these IG models in their comments… They are getting people fired now! The snowball effect is real, think about this.

These girls start with a small amount of followers and as the grow they pick up more and more “diehard fans” along the way. This model has 4.9 MILLION fans hanging out in her comments section and liking pics.

If she doesn’t like the things someone is saying about her or her family, she can blast them out and let the goon squad handle the rest. It only takes a few 1000 goons to make someone listen. Like an employer, who just fired this girl thanks to the comment section of Instagram. What a time to be alive.

It started with the April making some comments about Draya’s kids that she didn’t take too kindly to.

In response, Draya posted the woman’s full page with a lengthy caption to go along with it. In the photo, the woman was wearing a badge showing her job description which led to fans tracking the telephone number

Now the shit talker is jobless. SHE GOT FIRED! FOR SOME COMMENTS!

She posted a follow up video explaining how it all went down:

She started a GoFundMe that has been deleted that read:
As you know, Draya requested that someone will find out where I work and she will get me fired, because she felt I lacked the compassion to be in the field I’m in. Well her wish was granted and at least 50 people called my job and reported me. Please help me keep my bills paid. I have 3 kids and I am a single mother. I pay Rent, Car Note, and Phone bills, Gas Bills, Electric bills, and I pay for food out of pocket. I was making GOOD money. Due to unfortunate events, and a strong fan base of Draya, I was let go. Please help me. Anything will help.

Instagram Models cold as fuck.


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