Instagram Model Transforms Herself Into ‘Ideal’ Body – You’ll Be Terrified –

People who choose to spend their free time hurling verbal abuse at strangers online are obviously deeply unhappy, and shouldn’t be listened to. Even so, dealing with online abuse in a healthy way is much easier said than done. Regardless of how obviously pathetic online trolls can be, it’s unfair to expect someone to just brush all the cruel words off day after day.

Sadly, the body positive Instagram model Chessie King is all too familiar with the online bullying and trolls.



THIS IS ME. THIS IS MY BODY ??‍♀️ No flattering angles, no flattering lighting, just me & my body feeling on top of the ?. We all have days where we feel super duper good but we don’t share them enough. I want YOU to feel confident enough to dance around in your underwear & embrace any wobble you have! A few years ago I would never have posted this, all I cared about back then was being the leanest I could, going to the gym as many times as I could a week & counting every calorie I ate ? Even at my smallest, when I was training the most & eating the least, I just wanted to cover up my body because it wasn’t my idea of ‘perfect’ ??‍♀️ Now my priority is to be happy & comfortable in my own skin, & today I appreciate my body & what it does for me. We were not made to be Barbie dolls who LOOK insanely good 24/7, we were made to be HUMAN & we should all be allowed to FEEL insanely good 24/7. Come at me keyboard warriors, you can say what you want but nothing will knock me down ????

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She dedicates her page to spreading positive images of self-love, healthy habits and a realistic view of beauty (that is not centered exclusively on looks).

In contrast to her positive messaging, trolls fill her inbox with unsolicited insults about her body.

In perhaps the most jarring (and poignant) clapback yet, King teamed up with Cybersmile to make a video bringing attention to all the online trolling she receives, and the widespread issue of online abuse. In the video, King edits and mutates her body according to what the trolls want. Beyond being a visually jolting ride, the contradictions present in the bullying truly prove how the court of opinion makes it impossible to exist in a normal human body.

The end result is terrifying, and exemplifies King’s main point: it’s truly impossible to please everyone.

And to that end, it’s deeply unhealthy and indicative of a culture of cyberbullying.

The beautiful are criticized. The ugly are criticized. The quiet and the loud, criticized. The extreme and the moderate, criticized. Who goes through this life uncriticized? No one does. So why put stock into these criticisms? Why put so much stock into this body? Every single body whether beautiful or ugly will in the end age, wither, and become a corpse. Why do we put so much stock into this as a society?  Focusing on this kind of body or that kind of aesthetic  or this model or this trend.  Isn’t there something more worthwhile?  All this work and money to get this kind of shape or this brand of clothes.  Why do we do this?  Why do we work so hard over this and belittle each other over that?  Why do we keep putting our energy into it?

“If we changed our body for every troll, listened to every cyber bully, we would be monsters. Whether you have 23 followers or 3 million, NO ONE should have to deal with regular hate online,” King wrote.

This is a message we can all get behind.