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Internet Agrees That ‘Hottest Cop’ Is Fit For Duty

Cd6WKa5WwAACNLm[1]Internet Agrees That ‘Hottest Cop’ Is Fit For Duty

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The so-called “hottest cop” is on the beat and she’s packing muscle.

Adrienne Koleszar writes on Instagram, “Yes, I am a police officer in Germany and yes, I love my job.”

The Internet is now loving Koleszar, whose Instagram of revealing fitness photos has swelled almost double to more than 157,00 followers amid a swarm of media attention in the past few days.

One can sift through the comments on her social media and learn “arrest me” in several languages.

“I don´t want to be a sex symbol!” she told The Huffington Post on Thursday. “My aim is to be an inspiration for woman of all ages who want to get a fit body.”

According to the Sun, Koleszar attributes her crime-fighting physique to 30 percent training and 70 percent diet.

Muscle & Fitness, which calls her the “hottest female cop on Instagram,” writes that Koleszar works out five days a week after her shift.

The 31-year-old Koleszar, who works in Dresden, does hip thrusts of several hundred pounds to help sculpt her figure, which she has displayed in fitness bodybuilding contests, outlets say.

Now she carries the weight of instant celebrity. “I’m speechless and a little bit afraid about the fast growing popularity,” she told HuffPost.

Koleszar writes of her job: “Surely it is often hard work. Sometimes I have to handle things which nobody would like to see.”

Sounds like a job for Superman.


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