The Internet Is Going Crazy Trying To Find The Cats Hiding In These Photos

The Internet Is Going Crazy Trying To Find The Cats Hiding In These Photos

Good news, gang! We’ve got another internet puzzle to frustrate you endlessly and slowly make you lose all of your sanity! Wahoo!

A recently posted series of photos instructed the internet to find the cats hiding inside them, leaving a lot of people stumped. See if you can find these little furry ninjas.

Here’s an easy one to start out. Can you spot the cat in this closet?

Yup. That’s him behind the towels.

Not so bad, right? Well, don’t worry. This one will infuriate you. Where’s the cat hiding in this barren wasteland?

Do you have a headache from staring at it yet? Okay, we’ll put you out of your misery. Here’s the cat.

You think that one was bad? Start squinting to find this one, my friends

Give up? Here’s where the cat is hiding.

Honestly, I’m still not sure I see it.

Where are they?

Some of these are tough!

Don’t give up!

Okay this one is a cutie.

Right under your nose!

Pretty amazing camouflage

For a cat… amirite?

This one is diabolical…

I don’t care what you say, that isn’t a cat… or is it?

Where is Fluffy?

Boom! In your face!

Okay, that is all The hidden pussies for today. Hopefully it amused you for a little bit.

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