The Internet Is OUTRAGED Over This Principal Paddling A 5-Year-Old While His Mom Stands By Helpless

Welp, people in all four corners of the Internet are losing their shit over this one, and I guess rightfully so? Talk about one traumatized child.

So, a little back story here…the mom, Shana Marie Perez, posted this video of her son wailing his face off after his Jasper County, Ga., principal (green shirt) deemed it necessary to paddle the poor youngster as punishment. Allegedly, he had spit on another child, which obviously isn’t condoneable, but c’mon, that warrants a fraternity hazing-style paddling?

The reason Perez stood by so helplessly and filmed her son Thomas’s reaction was that she was threatened the 5-year-old would be suspended from school if he did not accept the corporal punishment. Unfortunately for Perez, she was previously arrested for truancy after Thomas missed 18 days of school due to doctors appointments, and she was fearful she would be arrested again if he was suspended. Reportedly, the principal in question threatened her with more jail time if she didn’t comply with her wishes. Talk about sadistic.

Perez only later learned that another arrest would not have been the case, as Jasper County Sheriff, Donnie Pope, explained to NBC News:

“Ms. Perez would NOT have been re-arrested for the suspension in question, The sheriff’s office would not have pursued criminal charges based on the fact that an out of school suspension would not have shown negligence on the part of Ms. Perez.”

Another video later surfaced, which appears to be from post-paddling, where Ms. Perez is asked to leave the principal’s office as the educator promises not to “wrestle with him,” as Thomas is laying on the ground at that point.

For what it’s worth, “the right to slap, spank or paddle a student is protected by the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled in 1977’s Ingraham v. Wright that physical discipline in public schools didn’t violate the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment or its due process protections.”

Doesn’t seem like the proper way to “educate” a child to me.


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