Internet Rages Against The Average Budget Of A Privileged Couple Making $500K Yearly –

The stagnation of wage increases in a market that supposedly is getting better and better is just one of the ways to highlight the prosperity gap between the rich and everyone else.

While we absolutely need to have a conversation on that as a country, it’s also really serious and hard, so let’s instead clown on a couple who are “scraping by” on $500,000 a year.

CNBC posted a story, taking information from Financial Samurai, about a couple who each make about $250k, live in New York City, and have two kids. Despite their high salaries, they still live paycheck to paycheck.

Or do they?

The fact of the matter is, that people can be making ten times the median salary in America and still feel the squeeze is a problem. The fact that things that seem like a necessity at that income level don’t even register to the average person is a problem.

The idea that anyone can post this budget with a “The rich aren’t as glamorous as you’d think” mentality is a joke.

Boohoo. You only take three vacations a year and have nearly $18k in unaccounted for spending.

If we shouldn’t be clownin’ on these people for one reason, it’s that these articles are almost always written to get outrage clicks.

These people are maxing out their 401ks while the average worker is doing their best to hit their employer match level, assuming their job even offers that.

They have a budget of clothes for four that works out to about $700. Ask any other family of four how much they spend on clothes and they’ll be hard pressed to match that.

You can put this budget into perspective for their lifestyle, but the fact that 90% of the population is having to actually scrape by earning less than a fifth of this couple earns, and often a lot less, gives us free reign to cope however we can.

the rich are still going to try and gain sympathy for their monetary troubles, and we can’t ignore them all the time. Until we can get more income equality, feel free to laugh.

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