Investigation Started After Photo Of Fireman Having Sex In Fire Engine Is Shared On Swingers Site

Maybe some people will find this…hot. That’s all I got.

The Greater Manchester Fire Service is scrambling to find out how in the hell a couple got inside a fire engine and had sex in one. Oh, they also took a photo of it and now it’s on a UK swingers site for all to see. Well, it won’t be that difficult to find out because the person who shared it is a firefighter.

The photo uploader claims to be a fireman looking for “fellow swingers.” So he’s looking for a good time with pals. Makes sense. The only issue is that equipment from the Greater Manchester Fire Service can be seen in the photo, and boy, that doesn’t make them look good.

Let’s first take a look at the X-rated photo below.


Via Metro

Well then. The photo was uploaded from an online profile belonging to a 27-year-old dude named Callum. Callum claims to be bisexual, and enjoys “adult parties, group sex, cross-dressing and dogging,” and is “looking for partners and couples aged 18 to 60.” Boy, Callum knows how to party.

Oh, and the woman in the photo? She claims to be someone named Jodie. Jodie is 58 and has an “amazing personality.” Anyone interested?

Laughing matter aside, the fire service is said to be pissed off about this. Here’s what a spokesperson had to say:

“A spokesman for the fire service said: ‘I cannot believe we’re still seeing highly inappropriate images like this in the fire and rescue service in 2017. It’s not who we are. Firefighters in GMFRS are hard-working and proud to serve their communities. They are professional and diligent. Crew will be embarrassed by this at best.

Most people will be furious at the suggestion this is acceptable or a reflection of how we behave. It isn’t. We’ll do everything we can to find out about how this picture was made and who was involved. There is no place for this in our organization.

Any fire personnel involved could face losing their job over ‘misuse of brigade equipment.”

Hey, as long as they rush out to save my burning house, go right ahead and do your thing.

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