Iowa Therapist Attempts To Seduce Patient In Hot Tub

Iowa Therapist Attempts To Seduce Patient In Hot Tub

Enclosed hot tub outdoors in back yard of American homeContrary to popular belief, I’ve never been to a therapist. But even though I haven’t been to one, I don’t think a patient is supposed to end up in their therapist’s hot tub. Well that’s exactly what happened to one of Aracely Schutters’ patients.

Schutters, who is a 45-year-old social worker at The Compass, invited her female patient through text messages to talk about her issues at her home. The patient arrived soon after, and eventually ended up in her therapist’s hot tub to talk. And this is the moment that Schutters tried to get the woman drunk and “engaged in unwanted kissing and touching of the victim’s inner thigh, breast, and groin.”


“This is so wrong. I can’t be your counselor anymore,” Schutters allegedly told the woman.

According to police, Shutters apologized after the patient got out of the hot tub and left the home. Schutters admitted all of this to police. But Schutters was still arrested and charged with sexual exploitation by a counselor.

This horny therapist now faces up to five years behind bars if convicted.

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