Is ‘Lit Right Now’ Worse Than Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Song?

Is ‘Lit Right Now’ Worse Than Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Song?

Way back in 2011 an unknown girl named Rebecca Black was thrust into mega-viral fame when her atrocious song, “Friday” and its even worse music video hit YouTube. And while Black’s “Friday” opened up Pandora’s box for more garbage songs sung by tweens, nothing has topped the awful-level of of Black’s infamous song. Until now that is.

Sydney McGee, a “YouTube star” who currently has 187k subscribers on YouTube for some reason, released a music video for a song called “LIT RIGHT NOW.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the song title. So you know based off that that it’s going to be bad.

Here are just some of the things that McGee says in her song:

“Lit up in T-Bell”

“Countin’ Big Subs”

“They say Sydney, ‘why you always eat at Taco Bell?’”

“Comment section so lit like a candle”

“I like my Mountain Dew, all flavors.”

Now watch this travesty below:


It’s literally painful to watch this poor girl attempt to dance in front of someone’s mansion who may or may not have given her permission to dab in front of their property. There’s also the nightmare of having to watch McGee’s friends dance in the background. And finally, this wasn’t a parody at all — McGee (and a ton of other people) thought it was OK to sign off on this and put it live for all to see.

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