Is Male Fertility In Some Sort Of Crisis Mode?

Is Male Fertility In Some Sort Of Crisis Mode?

The advancements made in the human reproduction department over the years have ranged somewhere between insane and miraculous, but there is one component of human reproduction that has taken a massive hit.

That’s right, kids. Sperm counts are down big time.

According to iNews, the average sperm count has dropped 52 percent over the last 40 years, and the scariest part is that doctors don’t seem to know why.

“We still don’t know what causes most cases of male infertility, which means we don’t have the tools to correct them, ” Professor Richard Sharpe at the University of Edinburgh said. “And the flip side of that coin is that we can’t induce infertility for contraceptive purposes – we haven’t developed a new effective male contraceptive since the condom. We know it [sperm production] is absolutely dependent on high levels of testosterone. But we should know how that works and we still don’t – it’s a big black box.”

Professor Allan Pacey at the University of Sheffield said that the decline in male fertility has been so great that it puts it in the “crisis” category.

“I do think male fertility is in a bit of a crisis,” Pacey said. “The quality of evidence we’ve got in this area falls way behind that of other branches of medicine and that’s something that we need to change.”

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