Is Viral Storm Video Proof God Is Watching Us From The Clouds?

Is Viral Storm Video Proof God Is Watching Us From The Clouds?

A recent storm video out of Alabama may persuade atheists to reconsider the existence of God… If they are gullible sure.

A Tuscaloosa, Alabama woman was filming some ominous clouds last month, noticing a gap in the storm. It wasn’t until she uploaded the video to Facebook when people pointed out the human-like figure walking between the clouds.

“I was filming the storm and spotted this guy crossing the clouds,” said the woman.

Check it out for yourself. And then start preparing for the rapture.


A trippy illusion? It’s possible. A fake? Even more possible.


This footage — if not altered — may not be Jesus, but a sign of some dope ass aliens using their radio frequency weather machines to fuck with our flat earth weather.  Get your tin foil pampers on cause the aliens are gon probe ya anus using inter dimensional wormholes.  We shall worship them as angels.  Save us from our great ape plight Enlightened Ones.

Could be Bigfoot shamans too.  Eating hallucinogenic mushrooms to trip balls and call upon the elder beings deep within the cosmos.  Just to fuck with podunk Alabama. Those silly squatches.

On Facebook, the woman also said, “Can’t tell me my God ain’t real! Thank you God for using Lisa StandAlone Baker to reveal this to me. Too see this is to believe this.”

What a cool story; it’s a once in a lifetime shot for sure. On the other hand, this video is simply creepy as hell.

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