ISIS Planning To Assassinate Queen Of England

According to anonymous sources at the Daily Mail, British jihadis are planning to recreate a Boston Marathon-style bombing at Saturday’s Victory in Japan Day, which is to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The event will also be attended by other possible target Prince Charles, Prime Minister David Cameron, and the roughly 1,000 veterans who served in Asia during the war.

Sources revealed that the jihadis are apparently under the control of Islamic State commanders based in Syria and that they are supposedly planning to detonate a pressure cooker bomb during the festivities scheduled to take place in Central London. According to the newspaper, the police and British intelligence are working around the clock in order to thwart the possible terror threat, and in particular, the specific threats made against the Queen, as noted in British intelligence reports.

According the Express UK, police are also worried about thousands of potential casualties as crowds are expected to fill the streets around Whitehall and Westminster Abbey.

So far, Buckingham Palace and Scotland Yard have withheld comment on the perceived threat.

Despite a possible terror threat, the Metropolitan police are urging spectators not to be afraid to attend the festivities.

“While the UK threat level from international terrorism remains severe, we would like to reassure the public that we constantly review security plans for public events, taking into account specific intelligence and the wider threat, ” a Met spokesperson said in remarks printed by The Guardian. “Our priority is the safety and security for all those attending or involved. The public are encouraged to continue with their plans to attend or take part in events as normal.”

The rep also said that Scotland Yard is on high alert for potential threats from foreign operatives, as well as homegrown jihadis who were encouraged to stay in England, rather than depart for Syria to join ISIS.

“It is always helpful when journalists share with us information that could indicate terrorist or criminal activity,” said the rep. “We would also like to reiterate our longstanding advice to remain vigilant and alert.”

So, in other words, folks are encouraged to keep calm and carry on.



ISIS Planning To Assassinate Queen Of England

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These are the same numpties asking for an amnesty so they can return to the UK without penalty.

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