ISIS Recruits Have to Fill Out 23-Question Job Application

It seems applying to join ISIS isn’t so different from applying to be a Subway sandwich artist. NBC News reports thousands of what appear to be ISIS recruiting forms were leaked to various news agencies by a “disillusioned” member of the terror organization.CNN has the full list of 23 questions from the forms. Those questions include normal job application queries (education level, current employer, and recommendations) as well as some questions not likely to be asked by your local HR department—religious level, previous jihad experience, obedience level, and preference for becoming a fighter or suicide attacker.

Of more use to intelligence agencies around the world, the leaked documents include the names, addresses, phone numbers, and travel routes of ISIS members, Sky News reports. The names not already known by officials include ISIS members in the Middle East and beyond, including the US and Canada. Officials believe this information could be key in preventing future terror attacks. The documents, which include a file marked “martyrs,” also shed light on the mindset of people hoping to become suicide attackers. One applicant wrote he was interested in a suicide mission because “I have a headache because (of) shrapnel in my head.” An Australian man was also interested in becoming a suicide attacker but worried about his poor night vision and inability to drive stick.





ISIS Recruits Have to Fill Out 23-Question Job Application

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