Italian Model Begins Her Oral Sex Tour Of The Country


This actress took elect’oral’ responsibility into her own hands when she offered blow jobs to anyone in Italy who voted ‘no’ in their referendum.

Actress Paola Saulino, 27,  who is ‘a woman of her word’ has completed the first day of her tour in Rome, with the next date being tonight in Florence.

After a hard day’s work performing fellatio on the masses, Paola admitted she was ‘a little bit tired but everything is OK’.

The adult entertainer named the tour Pompa; the word is Italian slang for – you guessed it – a blow job.

She posted the dates for her oral sex tour in December, which covers ten different cities across the nation.

The Italian constitutional referendum for parliamentary reform took place on December 4 2016, and asked whether citizens approved plans to reform the composition and powers of parliament, as well as the divisions of power between the State and regions.

Much to many of Saulino’s fans delight, ‘no’ won the referendum and the nation was waiting to see if she would put her money where her mouth is.

… and she did.

Referendum voters, who said no to the constitutional reforms, had to apply for a place on her tour, and applicants had to complete and return a booking form to Saulino.

The Naples-born woman, who now lives in Los Angeles, has repeatedly professed her love of ‘pompa’, according to the Sun.

Pronti al #referendum ? #italy #italia #italiangirl #iovotono #paolasaulino #paolina #pom #gossip #gossipgirl ????

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Her light-hearted reaction to her country’s politics has been very controversial and outraged many people, with one saying:

You’re just throwing mud on those who defend the constitution. That is a serious thing. Not like you, hussy.

It seems Italians have some integrity, with Paola and Matteo Renzi staying true to their causes, while Madonna seems to have reneged her promise to perform sex acts on Clinton voters.

At least she’s helping everyone keep their ‘spirits’ up in the contentious political climate.

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