It’s Really Cold Down Under And People Are Losing Their Minds

Part of Australia is currently experiencing an epic cold front that’s been labelled the “Antarctic vortex”.

Part of Australia is currently experiencing an epic cold front that's been labelled the "Antarctic vortex".

The front has seen snow overnight in various New South Wales towns including Orange, Lithgow and Crookwell. It has fallen from parts of Victoria to as far north as Guyra, near Armidale.

Light snow also fell in parts of South Australia on Saturday.

Severe weather warnings have been issued across most of NSW for damaging winds and advising farmers to look out for the wellbeing of sheep and lambs.


Generally speaking, Australians aren’t *great* at dealing with cold weather.

A lot of Australians were surprised to wake up to a blanket of snow covering their hometown.


While some people are feeling cheated.


And others were genuinely confused to hear the news.


But EVERYONE was excited.


And we don’t care if other countries with ~colder climates~ might think we are overreacting.


Like, a lot of people might look at these numbers (in celsius) and think “What the heck are you all on about?”


But it is COLD, dammit.




A bunch of people took to social media to share pictures of the snow covering their towns.






Meanwhile, Australia’s snowfields (yes, they do exist!) are rejoicing, hoping the cold front will help pick up a slow start to the ski season.

But not everyone is impressed by the Antarctic Vortex.



Stay warm, Australia.




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