Jack Mason Suffers One Of The Most Gruesome Cuts In MMA History

Think you’ve got a sore head this morning? Then say a prayer for Cage Warriors fighter, Jack Mason, who almost definitely feels a lot worse than you, no matter what you got up to last night.

How so, I hear you ask? Because in Cage Warriors 93, Jack Mason was almost scalped in his defeat against Norwegian fighter, Hakon Foss.

In the opening round of the fight, Jack was immediately bombarded with a flurry of punches, kicks, and knees to the face. Jack also seems to try and back away from Hakon, presumably upon feeling his skull slowly falling apart.

It’s not clear exactly which move is responsible for opening up his face, but there are a serious number of powerful blows made directly unto Mason’s face. It’s pretty hard to watch.

However the hardest thing to look at is the aftermath photo, which fellow MMA man, John Maguire, posted to Instagram.

Check it out below but be warned, it’s really gruesome:

Now I’m not a doctor, nor will I ever pretend to be, but the injury looks to be a laceration just above the eyebrow about an inch deep.

The worst scar I’ve got is about a quarter of that on my ear lobe – and that hurt a lot, so I can’t quite imagine how bad this must have felt.

Fortunately, despite the blood-flow and intense agony, Mason was able to find some humour in the aftermath.

Mason won’t be forgetting that lack of knee defence any time soon, I’m sure the gargantuan scar will serve as a timely reminder.

Norwegian Foss also spoke about the fight saying:

No risk, no reward. I wasn’t the best my last two fights… but now I am … Back.


Back in November last year, a similar story occurred after a French Muay Thai fighter received an elbow to the forehead resulting in… well, take a look for yourselves.

His forehead is dinted similar to that of a car after it’s had a bump. Ouch.

Despite being on the receiving end of an elbow blow to the head, which by rights could have given him a brain haemorrhage, the fighter, Jeremy Betts, refused to throw the towel in and wanted to keep fighting.

It was only after the referee assessed his injuries and called off the match, Jeremy went to the hospital.

Miraculously, after being in hospital for an assessment and surgery to sort out the nasty dint, Jeremy was fine.

He would’ve gladly continued on with his fight if not for the timely intervention and stoppage by the referee (after consulting the ringside doctor).

If we’re being honest, it’s a miracle Jeremy’s brain is intact, the injury he received looked like someone dented his head with a 180pmh baseball.

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