Jackass SUV Driver Brake Checks Massive Concrete Truck

Jackass SUV Driver Brake Checks Massive Concrete Truck


If one of your life goals is to be the biggest a-hole on the road that you possibly can, then you can always start by brake checking people on the highway. Not a big enough statement for you? Then you could try brake checking a large truck instead! Granted the big trucks have much less effective braking systems due to the weight of heir hauls, but that shouldn’t stop you from living out your dream.

Take this SUV driver for example, who was so concerned with getting to point B faster that they had to cut over right in front of a massive concrete truck. The truck was paying attention to the idiotic driver, thankfully, and managed to avoid what would have been a very bad pileup judging by how close together all those vehicles are moving.

The video is from October 18th out on one of the roads in Wisconsin, and after knowing a few Wisconsinites and how they drive isn’t so surprising. The SUV realizes the lane it’s in is getting more backed up than the fast lane still creeping forward on the left and decides to get over. The large concrete truck was only a few feet behind the other vehicle when it pulled over and realized the idiot driver was slamming on his brakes! The truck driver had no choice but to do the same, leaving a trail of black streaks along the way and narrowly avoiding the collision.

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